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Here at Kirby Campbell Music Tuition, we provide high-quality music tuition, tailored to each student's needs, abilities and goals. Lessons can be booked for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or one hour sessions and are available either online, or face-to-face in our Raymond Terrace Studio. 

What We Offer


Vocal lessons for students of all ages and genders, teaching the principles of the voice and helping students develop repertoire and an understanding of music theory and performance techniques.


Acoustic and Electric Guitar lessons focused on chords, scales, riffs and music that student enjoy, whether that be classical guitar or hard rock!


A great alternative to guitar as it's a small instrument so great for younger students. Focused on chords and picking, students have the chance to develop their musical skills. 


Piano and Keyboard lessons are available for everyone. These lessons teach students the fundamentals of piano including chords, notes and scales, intervals and music theory.

Music Theory

Music is a language in itself and the ability to read, interpret and understand how music is used in written format is a valuable skill for everyone, regardless of experience. Our theory lessons are a great option to take a deep dive into the language of music.


Our songwriting lessons help students to unleash their creative sides with the skill of songwriting. Students are mentored on music structure and composition and given opportunities to grow their skills through workshops and performances.

Bass Guitar

Bass lessons teach students from beginners to experienced players. Teaching a variety of music styles including rock, pop, jazz and classical, our bass tutors will have you grooving away in no time.

Drums / Percussion

Our drum lessons are individually tailored targeted at all ages of players. 

We focus on a range of techniques and teaching methodologies such as rhythm training, reading and theory, rudiments, and drumming to popular music.

HSC Preparation

We understand how stressful preparing for HSC exams can be. With our HSC Preparation Course students will receive tuition tailored to their exams, including Aural Skills, Music Theory, Performance Tips, Viva Voce Assistance and Composition Help. Students will also receive a complimentary HSC Study Guide Workbook and set of notes.

Early Childhood Music

Music has been proven to be an essential tool for the growth and development of young children. In short and engaging sessions, we introduce musical exploration, instruments, creativity, rhythm, song and melody in a fun-filled one-on-one session with our young musicians. This is suitable for students up kindergarten age. 


Xylophone is a fun and easy instrument to learn, and our xylophone lessons cover note reading, scales, rhythm skills, percussion technique, plus the exploration of different musical styles. Explore a unique instrument today!


At Kirby Campbell Music Tuition, we're always on the lookout for new faces to join our teaching team. With lessons across numerous instruments and ever-increasing enrolment numbers, we regularly have job openings for new tutors. 

We'll pop all of our current openings on this page, but please do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you think you could be a great addition to the team for a different instrument/ in a different way. 

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