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Studio Policies


All students must read these terms and conditions before submitting their enrolment form. Kirby Campbell Music Tuition accepts no liability for any loss or damages caused due to a failure to read these policies prior to accepting them. If you don't understand anything please contact our management team before accepting. By filling in the enrolment form, students/ parents confirm and agree to following principles.


All contact from Kirby Campbell Music Tuition will be done via email or text message and our private Facebook Group.. It is your responsibility to check your email regularly, including junk or spam folders, as Kirby Campbell Music Tuition accepts no liability for any loss or damages as a result of emails not being checked or going to junk or spam folders.

Regular updates and announcements will be posted on our Facebook Page and in our Student/parent Facebook group, so we recommend also joining and regularly checking these channels for information. 

Lesson Delivery:

Lessons at Kirby Campbell Music Tuition are delivered both face-to-face or online via Zoom.

For face-to-face lessons, students are expected to have a designated area with their music, workbook and instrument (where applicable). 

For online lessons, students are expected to have a device with a camera and microphone that can connect to the internet (phone, laptop or tablet) as well as an instrument/drumsticks to practice with at home for online lessons.

Code Of Conduct:

It is expected that students/parents show respect to teachers/staff by:

  •  Dressing appropriately for in person and online lessons

  •  Attending lessons on time, or letting their tutor know if you are running late 

  • Paying invoices in a timely manner, or contacting admin staff if you are struggling to make a payment

  •  Doing their best to practice any work assigned to them by their teacher during the week, and being prepared for each lesson by having their music, books etc ready.

  • Using appropriate language

  • In the studio, parents and caregivers are expected to be responsible for their child and to clean up after them

  • Respectfully communicating with all staff at Kirby Campbell Music Tuition, whether via messages, emails or social media  

It is expected that teachers/staff will show respect to students and parents by:

  • Dressing appropriately for all lessons

  • When teaching online lessons, to teach these in an appropriate part of their house if teaching from home (e.g. a studio or study, not a bedroom)

  • Teaching each lesson on time for the full duration of the lesson

  • Providing appropriate resources suitable to the student's lesson goals and needs

  • Using appropriate language

  • Communicating any problems in lessons with caregivers or parents following the behavioural policy 


Students/parents who breach this code of conduct will be contacted by Kirby Campbell Music Tuition by email with a written warning. Kirby Campbell Music Tuition reserves the right to cancel all upcoming lessons for that student and withdraw the student immediately from lessons if students or parents repeatedly breach this code of conduct after contact from management.

If you experience any Kirby Campbell Music Tuition Staff Member not complying to this code of conduct, please email Kirby Campbell Music Tuition itself of a high standard of teaching and conduct from all our staff and do our best to immediately follow up/take action on any concerns or complaints raised. 

Media Consent:

Media consent will be sought out from parents or caregivers, or students over the age of 18. If permitted, photographs or videos of students may be used on Kirby Campbell Music Tuition's social media.

You may opt out of either of these if you do not wish for you/your child to be videoed in lessons or for their images or videos to be shared on social media. Please email the studio if you do not wish to have your/your child's lessons recorded or photos/videos of them shared on social media.  


Lessons for private instrument tuition will be priced at: 

$35 per half hour session, $50 per 45 minute session and $65 for one hour sessions* 

*there are some differing fees, and these will be communicated prior to lessons

For early childhood classes, lessons will be priced at:

$30 per session 

Lessons will not take place on public holidays; if your regular weekly lesson time falls on a public holiday during the term you will not be billed for this lesson.​​​


All payments must be paid online in full either weekly. 

Invoices will be sent out on Monday mornings, weekly for each student and are to be paid within seven (7) days directly by the link on the invoice.

​In the event of a teacher cancellation, or a cancellation by a student prior to the day of lessons (if you've paid your invoice), you'll receive a credit for the next week's lesson. 

We understand that hardships and unexpected expenses can come up. If there are any issues with payment, please get in contact with us at

Unpaid Invoices:

If a student has not paid their invoice, the balance will be forwarded to the next invoice

Email reminders will be sent when invoices are late by: 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days and 21 days. 

If an invoice reaches 14 days unpaid, a late payment fee of 20% will be added to the invoice.

If an invoice reaches 21 days unpaid, a courtesy text message and email reminder will be sent to state that lessons will be ceased until a payment is made.​


If lessons are cancelled on the day, there will be a full fee incurred for the lesson. It will be at the studio directors’ discretion in emergency situations whether a fee will be paid.

Students will be automatically to re-enrolled for each new term of the calendar year. To withdraw from lessons, one full week's notice is required. 

Child Safe Policy

Child Safe Reporting Policy

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